Offshore Gangway Systems

FlexBridge is an innovative and patented new AHC gangway system with long reach and easy of use.

Offshore gangway system - motion compensated

About FlexBridge

FlexBridge is and offshore gangway system which is flexible and scalable to fit any marine application intended for transfer of personnel, tools, spare parts, etc.

The weight-length ratio is ideal for energy efficient motion compensation, while providing extreme working range. Our base case design is equipped with a 18m to 42m telescopic gangway, made from 3 sections. However, the concept allows for longer units, as much as 80m to 100m is achievable for special applications.

The gangway system is also provided with bring-to-work solutions. Both cargo trolley and crane options are available. It is also designed for installation on elevator towers, reducing inclination angles to improve comfort and safety. Regardless of your application, Tectrans is ready to perform.

Landing Platform Once docked with the landing platform, the motion compensation system is switched from active to passive mode. In passive mode, the gangway is less sensitive to relative motions and can accept even higher sea-states, maintaining reliable connection time.
The docking mechanism is fail-safe and allows break-away by accumulated energy.

Large working range and low self-weight

High workability and reliability

Demonstrated in wave basin (up to 8m)

Highly scalable design

Key Specifications

• Long reach provided by the boom suspension system
• Low weight to length ratio
• Low relative speed between gangway sections
• High workability >Hs=4.5
• High connection time >24hrs
• High transfer capacity
• Small footprint and tail-swing envelope
• Compact stowing positions, folded
Tower and Elevator
• Integrated acc. to client requirements
Cargo Handling
• 3D crane function
• Self driven trolley system
Control System
• Integrated operator environment. Stand alone or vessel integrated
• Motion compensation, active and passive mode
• Safe break-away / Emergency release
• Energy efficient, power management
Design code
• DNV, BV (or equivalent)