Future of Offshore Gangways

Our AHC Offshore gangway system improves marine transfer operations, offering versatility and scalability to suit various needs.

Efficient and Reliable Marine Transfers

Our gangway system ensures safe and efficient personnel and equipment transfers.

Fast Deployment Mobile Bridge

Easy to transport, easy to deploy.

Breaktrough Project

Fred Olsen Windcarrier has ordered the first FlexBridge 35m Walk-To-Work, which is scheduled for completion on 31 May 2024.


Fred Olsen Windcarrier

Tectrans AS has reached a major milestone with the launch of its innovative W2W (Walk-to-Work) footbridge, FlexBridge. The inaugural 35m FlexBridge has been commissioned by Fred Olsen Windcarrier and is scheduled for completion by May 31, 2024.


AHC Offshore Gangway Systems

Offshore gangway system which is flexible and scalable to fit any marine application intended for transfer of personnel, tools, spare parts, etc.


Innovative fast deployment bridge

Designed to be easy to transport and fast to deploy, Smartbridge can be used in a variety of situations as a permanent or temporary solution.

About Tectrans

Tectrans is an integrated part of AXTech-Group providing vast experience and competence in design and supply of offshore lifting and handling solutions. In case of special application or customization, our engineering, fabrication and project management team is skilled to supply tailored solutions. Service and support is provided worldwide.

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