An innovative and patented new design offshore gangway system with long reach and low energy consumption.

All kinds of vessels or fixed situations such as vessel to vessel, windmill foundations and wellhead platforms can easily adapt this design.

The FlexBridge design has been tested at the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (Marin) with successful results in significant wave height situations. of up to 8 meter.

FlexBridge is designed to be in balance due to static pressure. This modern and revolutionary design is easy to operate and to maintain. FlexBridge does not consume energy while connected to any object (windmill foundation, wellhead platform, vessel, etc.)

Successful testing at Marin.

This test demonstrates FlexBridge in use at the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (Marin).
The significant wave height (SWH or Hs) is set to 8 M.

Even in waves with a height of 8 meters, which caused harsh movements on the
ship, the system worked without any problems.


Demonstrating Flexbridge SmartDock.



Demonstrating Flexbridge mounted on a supply vessel.



Demonstrating FlexBridge mounted on a cruise ship.